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Artist Statement:

Fortune, Luck, randomness and chance are the influences. Generative art is the medium. Programs with creative autonomy is the dream.

Strip Pattern

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This algorithm draws strips using the screen width and height as references. The rows are determined first by a number between 0 and its screen height divided by the screen height. Each strip is made by drawing a rectangle with a random number between 0 and the screen width, choosing a random color, saving its length, then repeating until the screen width is reached.

Will it blend

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This algorithm simply creates a random line, flips it and blends between the two segments. This results in different compositions with different a screen width and height.

Geometric Pattern 1

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A basic pattern generator. This algorithm saves four colors and randomly creates a tile, base height and width, then draws it equally according to a screen width and height.

Endless Summer

Work in progress. A collaboration with Monica Ramos, it is a dynamic illustration that responds to time. Loading the website loads a new illustration of what the crowd, tides, and sunlight is at that point in time.

Pixel Data Experiment 2

This is the second experiment in Pixel data. This specifically takes all the pixels and sorts them by their red value.

Day Loading

Project inspired by a loading bar. It uses the browser width as a reference and then changes the width of the black square in proportion to how much time has passed in the day.

A to B

This algorithm simply starts at a random point on the y-axis on the left side then proceeds to pick random points within the canvas and stops until it hits the right edge.

Words by Chance

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Inspired by the facebook posts where the first three words you see reflect your inner desires or personality. This project adds random letters and creates a random word search puzzle so the words created are by chance.

Get Lucky

This project is a simple visualization of what luck looks like versus a specified amount of chance. It is a simple game where you have 1/100 chance to pick the right square.

Last Position 1

A simple algorithm where the program starts at a random point in the canvas and randomly chooses to move up,left,down,right one space. It saves previous points and constantly references if it has been to that position. This function continues until it either has eaten itself or has no more directions available to continue.

Pixel Data Experiment 1

Project trying to learn how to save pixel data. This algorithm saves each pixels then and redraws the image pixel by pixel randomly. This results in the image being scrambled in a noise pattern of its colors.